"grossly mischaracterizing"




So many ways to say "lying" in English.

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Feb 14, 2023·edited Feb 14, 2023

The problem with education administrators making decisions on mandates is not just that they lack the relevant competence; more significantly they don't know they lack that competence, and steadfastly believe the opposite.

In addition to that, they often lack the ability to ask the right questions, think outside of the box, or figure out what a good, transparent, accountable decision making process looks like...

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Did Frank Han have anything useful to say about your tweet where you discussed covid patients who "spill troponins?"

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"This discrepancy isn’t a result of unawareness of COVID related heart issues as some have proposed because in 2020 the hysteria that surrounded COVID and the heart in 2020 was at a fever pitch."

Indeed. Let's recall the smearing of hydroxychloroquine as being dangerous to people with heart disease as evidence of the focus of fear about covid and the heart.

If we search google scholar with "covid heart", we get 185k hits.

185k qualifies as being at a "fever pitch."

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